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KSLIA - Interpreters’ Professional Code of Ethics

Interpreters’ Professional Code of EthicsA Sign Language Interpreter Will:1)Maintain Confidentiality

2)Demonstrate Ethical Business practices a.To be on timeb.To be dependablec.To dress appropriately d.To be discretee.To be honestf.To be environmentally – friendlyg.To charge reasonable feesh.To declare and avoid conflicts of interest3)Convey the spirit and intent of the messagea.To meet the consumers linguistic needs4)Maintain respect for the consumera.To maintain professional distanceb.To provide advocacy and information5)Remain impartiala.Do not give personal opinion during interpreting assignment6)Continue Professional Development

7)Conform to the Code of EthicsDRAFT #1September 3, 2006Sign Language Interpreting Workshop, Machakos

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Kenyan Sign Language Interpreters Association (KSLIA)

Press Release! Sept 2006
In compliance with the Persons with Disabilities ACT 2003 Kenyan Sign Language Interpreters Association (KSLIA) would like to enlighten the general public of it’s mandate and mission in provision of quality Interpretation services to the Deaf community in Kenya.
KSLIA was registered in 2000 under the Societies Act with the goal of providing quality interpretation services to the Deaf community in Kenya. KSLIA will strive to reach this goal by focusing on the following objectives: 1.KSLIA will maintain a registry of qualified and practicing interpreters in Kenya. KSLIA will continually maintain a high level of professionalism by enforcing the Interpreter code of ethics, continuing education and a license maintenance program for all its membership. 2.KSLIA in collaboration with like-minded stakeholders will establish a research, training, certification and regulatory process for accrediting interpreters in Kenya. 3.KSLIA will strive to form networks and forums for it…