KSLIA - Interpreters’ Professional Code of Ethics

Interpreters’ Professional Code of Ethics
A Sign Language Interpreter Will:
1)      Maintain Confidentiality

2)      Demonstrate Ethical Business practices
a.      To be on time
b.      To be dependable
c.       To dress appropriately
d.      To be discrete
e.       To be honest
f.       To be environmentally – friendly
g.      To charge reasonable fees
h.      To declare and avoid conflicts of interest
3)      Convey the spirit and intent of the message
a.      To meet the consumers linguistic needs
4)      Maintain respect for the consumer
a.      To maintain professional distance
b.      To provide advocacy and information
5)      Remain impartial
a.      Do not give personal opinion during interpreting assignment
6)      Continue Professional Development

7)      Conform to the Code of Ethics
September 3, 2006
Sign Language Interpreting Workshop, Machakos

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