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of Dress Codes and Ethics of the Interpreting Profession

Just this week the Law Society of Kenya released a memo to all its members describing the proper dress code for lawyers practicing in Kenya.

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Interpreters the world over have developed and adopted their own codes for dress and professional practice. As the World Association of Sign Language Interpreters puts it...
One important aspect of any profession is to agree how members of that profession should conduct themselves in the course of their work and what values are important and should underpin the way they work.

Sign Language interpreters are professionals who provide an important service for Deaf and hearing people. Associations of sign language interpreters have developed their own Code of Ethics, or Ethical Code or Code of Professional Conduct, which embodies those values and sets out how interpreters are expected to behave.

Here are a few examples

KSLIA and other associations across the world have a Code of Ethics

A visual explanation? here you go

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Kenyan Sign Language - Beyond Legal Recognition

Kenyan Sign Language (KSL)

It is estimated that Kenyan Sign Language (KSL) is the first and preferred language communication of between 600-800,000 Deaf people in the Kenya. The Kenyan Deaf community consists of individuals who come from ALL the 42 tribes of Kenya and are united by a common language – KSL, a shared culture, tradition and history; KSL is fundamental to their self-esteem and social well being. Deaf Kenyans regardless of tribe, gender or religion uses KSL as a medium of communication and for official transaction of business, school, religious activities and social interactions. With the promulgation of the new constitution in August of 2010, the Deaf community in Kenya have celebrated the recognition of Kenyan Sign Language in the new constitution. The official recognition of KSL brings a clear benefits to many thousands of Deaf people in terms of improved access to information and essential services. Recognition of KSL also promotes a better knowledge and understanding …