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Status of the Deaf Nation - Kenya Looking back Ahead....

Here are some highlights.....

 1950s - establishment of the first Deaf schools in Kenya
  KNAD established 1987 – 2000 tremendous growth supported by SHIA (Sweden)
  KNAD affiliate 11
  Advocacy, Youth, Women, Economic/Labor , Sports
  1990s established KSLRP
  1990s first KSL pictorial dictionary
  1990 – 2000 KSL training at KSLRP
  2000 – KSLIA established
  2005 – KSL interactive dictionary
  2002 – KNAD lack of funding
  2005 – 2011 Restructured KNAD
Milestones in Deaf World- Kenya
  2000 – GDC established
  2000 – DOOR Internationals
  Constitutional Review Process
  2005 – 2012 KNAD restructuring
  KSLIA, KNAD, GDC, Deaf Aid – Interpreter Forums, Code of Ethics, Interpreter trainings,
  LVCT Reproductive health
  Sarakasi Deaf Acrobatics
  IDC – IYDCC emergences
  Deaf Sports - blackstars, basketball, athletics
  COE query into KSL – UoN, WFD and KNAD letter and Memorandum accepted
  Deaf students at KU, UoN and Maseno
  Deaf Aid’s CISCO Academies, ECD
  …

My Cross Cultural Experience – Bridging two worlds

My Cross Cultural Experience – Bridging two worlds Nairobi, 1st September 2008
Hello, my name is Jack Owiti, I am from Nairobi, Kenya. I am Sign Language interpreter working and living in Nairobi the capital city of Kenya where there live approximately 3,000 Deaf individuals.
I am currently the chair of the National Professional Association of Sign Language Interpreters. I have been interacting and working in the deaf Kenyan community for the past ten years and I have interpreted in various settings including a bible college, conferences, employment and medical settings.
I spend some of my time as a board member of the Global Deaf Connection Kenya (GDC-K) as treasurer. I am also currently a member of a task force charged with developing a strategic plan for the National Association of the Deaf in Kenya.
You are likely familiar with the Disney song, "It’s a small world." In the deaf - Interpreting community, we often say that, “it is a small deaf world.”  In Kenya, chances are, w…