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Fake Interpreter Lessons for Interpreters and their Clients

One Professor Graham Turner summarizes the lessons perfectly here and I would love for my Kenyan audience to read and learn some lessons that would help our own situations. I have added my own observations in italics for contextualization. 
As the world said goodbye to former South African president Nelson Mandela at the Dec. 9 memorial service, attention turned to the sign language interpreter, who was incoherently signing at the event. Immediately there was uproar from the South African Deaf and Interpreter community. Quickly the #FakeInterpreter was all over the internet with many making jokes about it, others criticizing, admonishing while other bowed in shame due to the embarrassment the episode stirred across the globe. 
It’s pretty clear that we haven’t seen the last of this story. But what is its real significance? Here are ten lessons for the world from The Tale of the Fake Interpreter. Using a sign language fluently is not something one can do just by waving one’s hands around

Moving towards quality interpretation in Kenya

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