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Tribute to the Late Eunice Amolo Kasisi

"I started learning Sign Language to be able to share the Word of God and my testimony with my Deaf brethren." 
This past month of June the Kenyan Deaf community lost one of the founding members of the interpreter professions in Kenya. Eunice Amolo Kasisi passed on peacefully in her home the night of 14th June 2014. Many tributes and messages of condolence poured in from the local and international community that worked with Eunice. Her body was laid to rest 28th June 2014 in her home town of Webuye, Kenya. 
 Here is a summary tribute from her family, colleagues and friends:
When Eunice was 19, she accepted Jesus as her Savior. The same year Eunice became a Christian, her hearing church started a Deaf congregation. She became friends with the wife of the minister of the Deaf congregation. The wife was a sign language interpreter. Eunice was so touched by the first Deaf church service she attended that she felt it was the right place for her to serve the Lord.
It took one year …