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How to Obtain Effective Feedback on Interpretation Assignments

We all agree that feedback from the end users is important in judging the quality of the finished product, but how does a company, an individual obtain effective feedback on the interpretation assignment?
Rarely do interpreters in Kenya go through a feedback session at least for the signed languages and mostly the freelancers. However those who are employed do go through appraisals - which are often general and are conducted annually. 
Recently, I stumbled upon a review on one of my numerous assignments and I was pleasantly surprised or was I? The criticism was about the person not the work. The criticizers tore on to my persona, even to the extent of sharing the feedback with a potential client....not that I had a problem with the sharing or the criticism - I was perturbed by the was never inclusive or I was never given the feedback directly....It got me thinking about the best way to provide a productive feedback to an interpreter so as to build them and their career.... …